When in London a Doja Cat moos

Doja Cat on stage

So last night I attended Doja Cats first London headline show and boy oh boy was I in for a treat… 

First of all she’s even more Peng in real life … WOW!!! 

Ok so now that the girl crush moment is out the way let’s talk about the show. The gig took place in Heaven under the archers (right next door to charing cross station) very easy to get to. 

Inside was jammed packed with fans dressed in the most dope and quirkiest outfits, not gonna lie my decision to wear a black dress and an oversized denim jacket was a poor boring choice. 

Saweetie was supposed to open up the show but unfortunately she was unable to attend, some people were p*ssed about this but all was forgotten once Doja Cat hit the stage. 

When she walked out the crowd went WILD… and went even more crazy every time Doja dropped it low. The stage wasn’t busy at all… just Doja, her DJ and a giant screen showing the power puffs girls. Her outfit was cute and her fluffy pink heels gave me life, which she later changed to white platforms. The shoe change made me nervous because her laces were undone and had me really freaking out that she would trip over… I secretly wanted to run on stage and save the day (i decided against this as I was confident security would properly kick me out) 

The shoe change that had me nervous

It was her DJ’s birthday so of course a bottle of champagne was popped with Doja Cat being served a large class. I don’t know what it is but I love when an artist is drinking on stage, it’s like Zero F**ks are given and I’m really here for it 

Fans got invited on the stage for the second to last song which was moo. Let’s just say if you were dressed in cow print, then this was your VIP ticket to make it on stage. Doja Cat danced with everyone on stage BUT a guy in a blue outfit really took all the attention. The guy in blue was serving all the rhythm and even jumped off the stage into a split, this guy snatched all the wigs in the venue 🙂 

Fans gathering on stage

All in all would I go see Doja cat again? … HELL YES!

She’s a great performer who put on a very sick show. 

If you ever get the opportunity to see her DO IT!!! … and don’t forget to wear cow print because you might just find yourself on stage 

XOXO Chyna 


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