Teyana Taylor made me fall in love with an invisible man

When I heard that Teyana Taylor was working on a new project I was super gassed, and then when I heard that Kanye was producing it, I got even more gassed. I’ve always felt that Teyana is a talented artist, who just doesn’t get enough appreciation. However I did have my doubts. I mean I  knew the album would be good but wondered whether this project would be super dope. I knew Kanye was working on his own album, Pusha T’s and NAS!!! 

Would he have time to dedicate to Teyana?

Would she get pushed to the bottom of the list ?

Well I would like to say I had nothing to worry about. K.T.S.E is super dope and it also unexpectedly put me in my feelings.
While I’m out here being single, TT had me wishing for a bae. 

This Album really is all about LOVE!!! 

My fave tune on the album definitely has to be ‘Gonna love me’ its track number 2 and hands down is my fav on the album. 

I know this because I wheeled it up about 5 times before continuing to listen to the rest of the album. The track throws it back to 1970 by sampling The Delfonics – I gave to you. The sample provides that feeling of an old skool love.

Teyana Taylor made me fall in love with an invisible man. I honesty feel like I’m in love but TRUST me when I say, there’s NO BAE in sight. 

And another tune that I absolutely love is issues/ Hold on, its track number 3. 

I can imagine Amy Winehouse singing a song like this, it’s so beautiful with so much soul. 

‘WTP’ the last track on the album is def a sexy one. Just a little bit of a tip, when listening to this album don’t do what I did. I was blurring this album from my car loud and proud on a sunny afternoon. It was the weekend and many families were out and about and a lot of parents walking hand and hand with their children… AND THEN I come along.
Playing Teyana Taylor K.T.S.E really loudly. ‘WTP’ is the next track and all you heard is  “work this pussy, work this pussy, work this pussy” 

Soooooooooooo yeah … you def wanna leave that one till the night time. 

But all in all I’m super happy with this body of work and will be playing it till I know all the words to my fav songs. 

If you haven’t listened yet, go and check it out… it’s def worth a play or two or three.

And if you have listened to it, what did you think ?? 

Until next time…

… Peace & Love 

XOXO Chyna 

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