OSH’s Ye might be different but does he really show no love ?

Me and Osh on the westside

This week, I was joined by South London singer Osh This Side for a chat about his viral smash ‘My Yé is different to your Yé’, a remix of Burna Boy’s song ‘Yé’. We also spoke about his new single ‘No Love’ and much more including:

  • His confidence, Yé and sauciness
  • Breaking down the meaning of his latest track ‘No Love’
  • Love and relationships
  • Singing in the church choir and growing up on gospel
  • Wanting to collaborate with Drake
  • The waviest artists in the UK right now
  • Wanting to help others find their inner confidence
  • Football  and much much more

Continue reading to find out all you need to know about Osh This Side.

Full Osh Interview

What’s going on everybody? It’s your girl Chyna Johnson and today I am join with a very special guest. He goes by the name of Osh. Hello!

Thank you! Thank you for having me. it’s a pleasure. We have had fun so far… So….

I know. off camera. Secretly it’s been rolling, so I might cut those little shots. No, I am joking I won’t. I wouldn’t do that to you.

Quick question- How many times has someone sang ‘My Yé, is different to your Yé’ to you?

If I knew the answer to that I’d be richer than I… nah. I’d be rich.

What balling, Yea? 

I’m here. Living.


Now, obviously you went viral with that video and then turned it into a tune was it hard experiencing success from going viral ?

Erm… I wouldn’t say it was hard. I would say it was a lot different than what I was expecting. Because obviously we was doing it before, and how I envisioned the normal journey is just grafting and slowly making your way up. Where  in my situation it was, a video came out and then the world was just my oyster kind of thing. So I guess it was different, but I wouldn’t say it was hard.

I am gonna move the mic closer to you, just a little bit. Because you are talking kind of low. 

My bad

You are doing that guy thing.

Wasn’t I talking like this before.

Nah, your doing that guy thing. You know when guys call you at midnight. And they are like, “Hey”. The voice goes low, and you kind of talk a little bit in slow motion.

I don’t know what it’s like to do that. I just like to think I have a deep voice.

Oh sorry. *Laughs*


Ok cool, but the thing is you see when you went viral, right? You went viral around the time a few other people went viral as well. We won’t say any names. The thing is you’re a serious artist, you are serious about your craft. We can see that.

Thank you 

You can sing and you are talented.

Thank you

Was it annoying coming up with other people that are not that serious?

Nah, Not annoying. I just have that mentality, where I do my thing and what’s meant to be will be. I just let them guys do their thing. Everything is meant to happen for a reason. 


So, I wasn’t really watching what everyone else was doing. Apart from when I am supporting, I support everyone’s kind of thing. I don’t really care.

So it’s all good.

Yea, it’s all good.

I feel like you have kind of crafted a lane for yourself now. Like in the beginning… like when it came out everyone was like what? It was like a bit banter and then everyone was like oh, wait he is a serious serious artist.

Thank you. Yea, I am blessed with a good team. They are here with me. So,  err Dean and Azawah Management are very creative. Smart obviously, so we put our ideas together and we think outside the box, and that is why I guess I am in a different lane. 

It’s a good look, I like it.

Thank you.

I want to get to know a little bit more about you. Cause I feel like you are a little bit mysterious.

I feel like we don’t Know you that well.

Go on… let’s see….Go on what do you want to know? I trust you so….

So, I can go really in with the questions? *Laughs*

So when, did you start singing? Like when were you like yea. This is for me?

Errm… what as a serious artists or just in general?

I mean like when you were younger.. I mean I sang, a lot of people sang. As you can see… I don’t make music cause I sing out of tune. But you sing in tune. So when was that  point when you was like you know what, I can go for this?

Erm… I finished uni in 2016.

I am trying to work out your age. *Laughs*

I am 23. So erm yea…

 You look older than your age.

In a good way. So now what?

They (my team) are allowed to talk aren’t they.

They hate on the complements I get. When people say it they say it in a good way. But they (my team), are trying to say I look old and wrinkly, basically.

No, you don’t look wrinkly. 

I like to think.

You look like a grown woman will be like hey! And then you will be like I am 23… Then she will be like damn.

How old are you?

Let’s not go there. But singing….

Yea, so I graduated in 2016 and had a graduate job at my university. I was in Southampton. Then I came back and got a graduate job in London and it was good in terms of a good graduate job. Good pay for a  9 to 5 or whatever. And I was just like nah, this isn’t me. In that year of me  being back- I was working and going studio with Dean and Azz. We just kept working. But singing, in general I have always done it. So when I was younger I was in a choir at church, but strayed away from it. But I have always been aware of my voice or whatever.

So have you always been writing music then, even before?

I only started writing music seriously, like a year ago.

Oh Ok!

So when the video went viral, I was doing music for a year at that point, writing my stuff and all that stuff.

That is so… that must of been all unexpected for you.

Yea, it happened pretty quick.

And the thing is the tune is so lit. Like I will go out and they will play Burna ‘Ye’. And  then you will hear “Yé, Yé, Yé. My Ye is different….” *Sings Osh’s song My Yé*. Do you really believe that you are super, super, saucy and more saucy than others?

I like to think so.

Wow you are just saying it with your chest?

I like to think so. Yea.

I thought you was going to come in here like, nah, nah, nah?

Nah, I got to believe in me. If I don’t believe in me, who will? So yea, I mean everyone else has got  their own sauce, but I like to think that mine is a bit different.

Yours is elite. Ok Cool!

Who did you grow up listening to when you were younger?

For me it was just a mixture of like gospel and R’n’B.  From my gospel side- I am a big fan of Kirk Franklin. I grew up on… I am a big fan of Ja Rule.


I don’t know why a lot of people are….I love old School Ja Rule Music.

Nah, old school Ja rule is like….

Now, I don’t know what he is on now. But apart from that

I don’t think he is….

The Fyre Festival….

Let’s not even go there.

But mainly gospel and your R’n’B, and 2 Pac and all that stuff. I know my music so…. But now more time now, I am a big fan of Drake.

Of course.

That’s the only person I say I need 

Work with?

I need to hear… And then everything else is just whatever sounds good I will listen to. So other than Drake I don’t have a specific…like I got to hear this song from an artists.

I mean Drake is …… Would you like to work with Drake. Though?

Of course, that would be mad.

Can you imagine? You know his sauce would be better than yours though? You have to say that, come on?

Errm… Nah, I am joking. Yea man, I would be learning but erm…  Yea.

Your new tune ‘No love’ talk to me a little bit about that one?

Ermm I actually made that before ‘My Yé’… That’s crazy isn’t it!


We made it like time ago. ‘No love’ tells a story. Like the instrumental. Like the song is called ‘No Love’ for those who haven’t heard the song. The song is quite upbeat at the same time, so I think it looks… It’s my personality in two ways. So, I am an upbeat character, but erm… the ‘No love’ character is very observant of the surroundings and I am one to speak my mind and  get things cracking if I need to but yea.

Oh Ok. Were you writing about any situation in particular?

Situations…. Situations.

Oh ok, spill the tea.

We are just observant of things so.

So what happened?

I mean *Laughs*

You said in the beginning that you trust me… so…

Ok, let’s break it down. So you know the lyrics?

Yea… Well,  I don’t know off by heart. Let’s pull up the lyrics and I will question you on them.

*Sings No Love, No Love*

Are you one of those people that sing all the time?

No, I hate those people.

Oh my, those people get on my nerves. I really want to get into it, if you are going to spill the tea on situations. Where is my cup to collect the tea?

First verse…. ‘Why you moving cold?, She said why you moving cold? Don’t you know there is a reason  why I move so cold? I doubt you’ll never know, my cards are never shown. You think I am bluffing- best you know that I will never show you.’

Ok, what’s the story in Balamory?

So she asking “why I’m moving cold?” and I say “don’t you know there is a reason”. See, I am the type of person where?

You’re cheating?  

Who’s Cheating? 

You said “You are moving cold” is that why you are moving cold?

Nah, nah I am one of the good guys. No, I am not like an affectionate person.

Are you not?

I’m not, I’m not. Emotionand all that stuff is a bit difficult for me. I don’t really do those stuff.

That’s a bit dry. So, you don’t snuggle?

Oh yea, I do that… But I mean…

Are you never the big spoon?

Nah, I do all of that but I mean. How can I explain it?

When your girl is washing up you won’t go and smack her bottom?

Nah, I do that. *laughs*

Nah, but I erm… How can I explain it? Like feelings. I don’t do the whole. I don’t know how to explain it. Feelings. Help me.

You don’t say I love you?

 Yea, I love you.

 Yea, you are saying it now. But say you are in a relationship. You don’t say I love you every day?

Yea, I would.

So in the tune you are expressing how cold you are?

Yea, I am expressing how cold I am. Then it goes on to like…. It moves from like a relationship point of view to friends and associates.

What, friends with benefits and stuff?

Nah. You are on this cheating stuff innit?

Nah, *Laughs*

 *Laughs* No, friends and associates, like the man them around me, or people who are just cool and just move a certain way. Like I am aware of that. Like one of the lyrics is “remember when you said This Side is not going to win”. Like Osh This Side. There is a lot of people that use to doubt, but now that things have happened…..

They are like trying to jump on the wave?

Yea, but now everyone is trying to jump on the bandwagon. We just jump into and look into both of these things like the relationship side of things. Like, how I might not shown No Love or I might show my love in a certain way.

So if you are not going to be doing all the cuddling stuff, how do you show your love?

Nah I cuddle, I cuddle.

So then you do show love then?

If you know me, then you…. It would make sense to you straight away.  Obviously we have just started our friendship relationship now innit.

Yea, relationship you know *Chuckles*

We have just started that now so, that will come with time but, like they know me so. It’s easier for them to understand.

So, if you cuddle and you do  say, “I love you”, and you do kiss and you do smack a bottom when a girl is  washing up.  You do alright then

So, I mean female wise I am fine. But like… when they said “This side will never win”. It answers those.

So you haven’t got love for them?

I got love for them , but then I don’t at the same time. It’s to a certain.

Ok, Cool. I feel like I still don’t know you enough. I feel like you are the kind of person that  you have to be friends with for 10 years and you still  don’t know nothing.

So basically, I am intriguing?

 Yea, you are intriguing and quite mysterious

That’s good. I am doing something right then. 

Are you currently working on an album right now?

We have lots of songs stacked up, but the aim is just to establish me Osh the Brand. Let people  know that I am here and it is serious. We started off with ‘No Love’ and it is about consistency. I have notice in this game especially in the UK scene it is just about, having your name in people’s mouths on a regular basis, cause a lot of people are out there putting out crap. But like because they are there no one …. You have to rate their work rate. We was away for a while. But so the aim was to just create good music, but when we have come back with ‘No Love’ just put out the good music on a regular basis and take over everything.

Did you feel pressure to come back?

Never. No such thing.

Oh, wow!

No pressure, what’s pressure?

You are very confident. You’re  a very confident guy.

I try man. I try. I have to. If I don’t believe in me who is?

It’s so true. Now in the UK who are you feeling and who would you like to work with?

UK. I m a big fan of J hus, MoStack, Young T and Bugsey and Alicia Harley.

Have you reached out to her (Alicia Harley)?


So what we gonna do, jump in the studio?

Actually, you know what I was setting out. There is something I would actually like her to get on.

I feel like that should of been done already. Because it would have been a summery vibe.

There is two months left of summer you know. A month and a bit.

You are right hot girl summer did start the first of July 2019. There is still time. 

 You see, that’s what I mean about putting stuff out on a regular basis. So, I am going to put out lots and lots of stuff. ‘No Love’ is out now and it is doing the rounds, it is circling and doing what it needs to do. And I might have something new in a couple of weeks.

Like what?

Keep it a secret, ah.

You not gonna spill a little something .

What I just did  just now is me spilling a little something something. It will make sense when you watch this back.

Ok, that is what you are going to leave us with.

Ok so, what is the end goal for you?

Erm just to be the  best in the world at what I do and to provide opportunities  for people who don’t have the opportunity. One thing I have realised is for me, I am confident so I can speak to someone.

You are very confident.

But there are people out there for example that might not have the confidence to come into a room and happily own it or speak to someone. But they might be ten times more talented. So… what I want to do is have enough power to provide opportunities for those who don’t necessarily have the inner confidence to get their talents out there.

Have you always been this confident ?

 I don’t know.

Cause I feel like, the confidence you are giving off is maybe like back in the day you use to be shy and you realised it didn’t get you anywhere and now you are just….. confident!

I mean that is interesting. I have never heard that before.

I mean this energy you have got you just like… I don’t know.

You like it?

*Laughs* I mean….It’s not about me. It’s about you.

*Laughs* Maybe you are right.

Even in your video you are looking in the camera, slow looking, blinking slowly. Just this confidence.

I don’t remember not being (confident). I don’t ever remember not being this confident. I probably might get it from my dad as well.

So are you a big fan with the ladies?

I don’t know you would have to tell me.

Since you have gone viral and made a name for yourself, have you gotten more attention?

A private life, is a happy life.

Ok, right. See you are very mysterious. You give me a little bit then you….

Step back. Interesting.

What are your favourite things to do in your spare time?

Music, make more music, play football, make money.

What football team do you support?

Arsenal. I am a sensible human being.

These times you (Arsenal fans) are always crying on my timeline.

Who do you support?


When did you start supporting Chelsea?

When I was little, like 7.

Serious, 7?

It’s by force.

I am just trying to understand because Chelsea only became a serious football club, what like 10 years ago?

What do you mean a serious football club? Are you alright?

When did Abramovich come there ….’04, ’05. Other than that what was you doing before?

This is why you have to be so confident. I now see it. Cause you support Arsenal, you have to walk with this confidence.

Well I mean, Yea. You are actually right. I am confident because my team has always been….


Yea… I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

It’s dead. You know it. I don’t know that much about my football, but I know.

Growing up for me. My team was the best. I watched my team win a season undefeated.

I don’t know that much about football. But I know unless it is Chelsea, I am not hear for it.  I went skating the other day and I saw some guy in an Arsenal shirt and he nearly slipped, and I went “awww” and he went “Thanks babe”.  And I went “In that shirt- I should have pushed you over” and he went “What?”. I am not here for it. But anyway you have given me a little bit of sauce, give me a lot. Your spare time you do Music Music?

Football, Money. That is it for me.

What do you mean money?

That’s all I care about.

Is that it?!

I’m Joking

What else do you care about?

Family. My loved ones. I am the one where my friends- I treat them like my family it means a lot to me. Loyalty.

What star sign are you?


This is why you are so confident, Leo- king of the jungle?

What sign are you?


Which one is that again?

Quite stubborn, it’s a bull.


Anyway enough about me. Thank you for joining me today. Is there anything you want to leave us with?

erm Osh This Side on everything Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter. Those are all the social right?  Follow what we are doing. ‘No Love’ is out now. Thank you for all the support that everyone is giving me so far and the new music is to come.

Amazing! Thank you!

Thank you for having me also.

Thanks for coming.

When in London a Doja Cat moos

Doja Cat on stage

So last night I attended Doja Cats first London headline show and boy oh boy was I in for a treat… 

First of all she’s even more Peng in real life … WOW!!! 

Ok so now that the girl crush moment is out the way let’s talk about the show. The gig took place in Heaven under the archers (right next door to charing cross station) very easy to get to. 

Inside was jammed packed with fans dressed in the most dope and quirkiest outfits, not gonna lie my decision to wear a black dress and an oversized denim jacket was a poor boring choice. 

Saweetie was supposed to open up the show but unfortunately she was unable to attend, some people were p*ssed about this but all was forgotten once Doja Cat hit the stage. 

When she walked out the crowd went WILD… and went even more crazy every time Doja dropped it low. The stage wasn’t busy at all… just Doja, her DJ and a giant screen showing the power puffs girls. Her outfit was cute and her fluffy pink heels gave me life, which she later changed to white platforms. The shoe change made me nervous because her laces were undone and had me really freaking out that she would trip over… I secretly wanted to run on stage and save the day (i decided against this as I was confident security would properly kick me out) 

The shoe change that had me nervous

It was her DJ’s birthday so of course a bottle of champagne was popped with Doja Cat being served a large class. I don’t know what it is but I love when an artist is drinking on stage, it’s like Zero F**ks are given and I’m really here for it 

Fans got invited on the stage for the second to last song which was moo. Let’s just say if you were dressed in cow print, then this was your VIP ticket to make it on stage. Doja Cat danced with everyone on stage BUT a guy in a blue outfit really took all the attention. The guy in blue was serving all the rhythm and even jumped off the stage into a split, this guy snatched all the wigs in the venue 🙂 

Fans gathering on stage

All in all would I go see Doja cat again? … HELL YES!

She’s a great performer who put on a very sick show. 

If you ever get the opportunity to see her DO IT!!! … and don’t forget to wear cow print because you might just find yourself on stage 

XOXO Chyna